In an unexpected twist, G2 Esports has made the decision to release their complete Valorant roster. This move comes as a result of a difficult season for the team, as they were unable to secure a spot in the Ascension League through the NA Challenger Circuit.


Taking to Twitter, G2 Esports bid a heartfelt farewell to the departing players, leaving fans and followers in a state of suspense regarding the organization’s future in the world of Valorant.

The recent season presented numerous challenges for the team, ultimately resulting in their failure to qualify for the Ascension League. Despite their dedicated efforts, G2 Esports fell short, prompting the organization to make this significant decision. As a result, the future of G2 Esports in Valorant hangs in uncertainty, leaving fans and followers in suspense as to whether the organization will make a comeback with a fresh roster.

Interestingly, ShahZam was noticeably absent from the farewell video, as he will be taking on a different role within G2 Esports as a content creator. However, this transition does not indicate the end of his competitive career. ShahZam has expressed his intention to make a comeback in the competitive Valorant scene once he finds a suitable opportunity.


G2 Esports played a prominent role in the early seasons of Valorant, emerging as one of the top teams. They showcased their dominance during the Ignition Series and maintained a strong presence in the European scene for more than a year. However, a surprising turn of events unfolded when the organization pursued franchising opportunities in both Europe and North America. Unfortunately, their entry was denied at the last minute, largely attributed to the actions of former CEO Carlos “ocelote” Rodríguez.

As a consequence of the aforementioned events, G2 Esports faced the departure of their entire core roster and struggled to establish a competitive team in North America. Consequently, the organization finds itself at the end of the season without a roster, leaving the future of G2 Esports entirely uncertain.

There are two potential scenarios that we might witness for G2 Esports in the aftermath. Firstly, G2 Esports could make efforts to rebuild their Valorant roster and reposition themselves for the next phase of franchising. Alternatively, the organization might choose to discontinue their male Valorant roster altogether, opting for a different direction in their esports endeavors. Only time will reveal the path that G2 Esports ultimately takes.

At least Gozen is still dominating the European scene and keeps G2’s Valorant ambitions going.

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