SAFF Cup: IND secures their 9th title by defeating KUW in a penalty shootout

India emerged as the champions of the SAFF Cup, securing their ninth title in a thrilling fashion by defeating Kuwait in a penalty shootout at Bengaluru’s Sree Kanteerava Stadium.

Paragraph 2: During the medal ceremony that followed India’s victorious SAFF Cup campaign, Jeakson Singh caught attention by proudly donning a multi-coloured flag known as the “Manipur flag.” His display of the vibrant flag added a distinct touch to the celebration.

Jeakson clarified that his decision to wear the flag was motivated by a desire for unity and peace in his state. His gesture garnered substantial attention and admiration from onlookers, highlighting the significance of his message.

“It’s my Manipur flag. I just wanted to tell everyone in India and Manipur to stay in peace and not fight. I want peace,” he told ESPN.

Jeakson Singh captivated attention during the SAFF championships winners’ medal ceremony and his departure from the field with Mahesh as he proudly displayed the Manipur flag. His unwavering commitment to showcasing his heritage and identity added a distinct element to the occasion.

Despite Jeakson’s noble intention of promoting unity and peace through his display of the Manipur flag, some fans chose to criticize his gesture. However, amidst the criticism, a significant number of supporters stood by Jeakson, acknowledging his historic achievement as the first Indian player to score a goal in the FIFA World Cup and offering their unwavering support.

In response to the criticism he faced, Jeakson Singh swiftly addressed the issue by clarifying his intentions. He made it clear that his actions were never meant to cause harm to anyone. Instead, he dedicated the SAFF Cup win “to all the Indians,” emphasizing his genuine desire to unite and celebrate the victory with his fellow countrymen. Jeakson’s prompt clarification aimed to foster understanding and promote a sense of togetherness among fans and critics alike.

In response to the situation, Jeakson Singh took to Twitter once again to express his hope for peace to return to his home state of Manipur. He extended his gratitude to the fans for their support during the SAFF Championship final, emphasizing the importance of unity and harmony. His tweet included hashtags such as “Save Manipur,” “Peace and Love,” “India,” and “SAFF Championship 2023,” reflecting his commitment to promoting peace and raising awareness about the situation.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi joined in congratulating the Indian football team on their triumph in the SAFF Championship final against Kuwait. He celebrated their victory and praised the players for their remarkable journey, highlighting their determination and tenacity as an inspiration to aspiring athletes. PM Modi’s tweet showcased his support for the team and their achievements.

Union Sports Minister Anurag Singh Thakur also took to Twitter to extend his greetings to the team. He applauded the Blue Tigers for their gripping performance in the final and commended their ability to hold their nerve. Minister Thakur emphasized the team’s scintillating performance in clinching the SAFF Championship for a record number of times. He expressed India’s joy and pride in the team’s victory, encouraging them to continue shining.

The initial outbreak of violence in Manipur stemmed from a “Tribal Solidarity March” held on May 3. The march, organized in the hill districts, was a response to the Meitei community’s demand for Scheduled Tribe (ST) status. The resulting conflict has had devastating consequences, including numerous fatalities, injuries, and displacement of individuals into relief camps. The ongoing tensions and divisions between different ethnic groups in Manipur have contributed to the complexities of the situation.