BGMI 2.9 Update Released: Download Now for Android and iOS

Battlegrounds Mobile India, often referred to as BGMI, is widely considered one of the most popular battle royale games in India. The much-anticipated BGMI 2.9 update has officially rolled out, much to the delight of the Indian gaming community. Starting December 1, the latest version of the game is now available for iPhone and iPad users directly from the App Store. Android users are also gradually receiving the update, with a phased rollout in progress.

How to Download BGMI 2.9

The BGMI 2.9 update is now available for download on both Android and iOS devices.

iOS: The update is available directly from the App Store.

Android: The update is rolling out gradually to all Android devices. You may need to wait a few hours or days for the update to reach your device.

What’s New in BGMI 2.9

  • Ice & Snow Festival: Players can explore a brand-new winter-themed map adorned with snow-capped mountains, frozen lakes, and cozy cabins.
  • Festive Decorations: The game lobby, spawn island, and vehicles have been transformed with festive decorations, spreading the holiday cheer.
  • New Royale Pass A3 : Unlock Exclusive Rewards with BGMI 2.9 Update Pass – Experience the Unique ‘Circus of Screams’ Crossbow and Victory Dance!
  • Play & Win: Permanent Rewards Unveiled in BGMI 2.9 Update – Earn Everlasting In-Game Treasures by Conquering Erangel Missions!
  • Ranveer Singh Discovery Event – Play Pure: Renowned Indian actor Ranveer Singh joins BGMI! In the regular game mode, accumulate points for impressive performances to unlock exclusive Ranveer Singh items, including unique parachutes. Achieve 3000 points to claim Ranveer Singh’s special voice and a personalized in-game picture.
  • X-Suit Carnival: BGMI 2.9 Update Introduces Stylish X-Suit Event: Reviving Three Fan-Favorites and Unveiling a Secret Addition for a Fashionable Experience!

There’s no need to fret if you haven’t yet received the update on your Android device. Krafton has initiated the update process for all users, but it may take some time to reach every player.

The game developer has outlined the new features, enhancements, and rewards on the official Battlegrounds Mobile India website. This update also brings India’s biggest superstar, Ranveer Singh, into the game, adding to the excitement.

Krafton has also worked with different content creators in India to make this update successful. You can check everyone is excited about this update. You will see more new things in upcoming days.