How to get new X-Suit Carnival? Fans Reaction Will Shock you

As you know Bgmi recently released 2.9 update on 2nd december. People were very excited about this version because many new things were coming up with this update. So I was also excited about it. When it was released I came to know that it has two very important features which was X-Suit Carnival and Ranveer Kapoor voice pack. Now the question is How to get new X-Suit Carnival and the Ranveer’s voice pack?

Research About How To Get New X-Suit Carnival

I started to researching how to get but when I saw the results on google it was very funny. People were pulling each other’s legs by commenting some random jokes which is normal. So I thought to share with you guys what people talks about this. Here is the conversation between users

Someone asked Hello, im new to these x suits thing, how much do they usually cost


They’ll cost you a kidney or two


Lmaoooooo bro this is awesome


like how much UC?


If you’re very very very lucky, you can get it with less than 300uc. People could spend more than 100k UC just to get it. Check on YouTube and see how much people spend to get an X-Suit

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there’s no guarantee or some threshold?


They say you’re either filthy rich or just the most miserable mf out there if you plan to spend money on a suit. So, if you are asking how much, I guess it’s the latter.


I own almost all the xsuits so I will tell you.
Cost is about $150-200 USD to unlock the basic form. From there you must upgrade the xsuit to unlock all the colors and features they show in the previews. A fully maxed Xsuit will cost you anywhere from $1200 (lvl 6) to $1500 (level 7).

If you are okay with the basic form, budget to spend $200 and you are good. That’s all.


I could buy a car with those money


To get it probably like €50/$50, to max it probably your dignity, pride and your left arm


Acquiring is not a problem, upgrading require a kidney.


It will cost you around 3000 to 16000 uc to get it, depends on your luck…but to fully upgrade it it’s around 100k uc

Famous Gamers Already Got This X-Suit

As you know in India BGMI craze is very high so gamers always try to get everything as soon as possible. So them become the first one to get some suit or any gun skin and they deserve it. There is no question about it because they do the hard work and stream hours to be that position to spend any amount of UC on some latest new features. Here are a few gamers who already did crate opening for this new latest x-suit

Dynamo Gaming (9.96M subscribers)

BandookBaaz (2.1M subscribers)

Snax Gaming (1.62M subscribers)

SOUL Regaltos (2.32M subscribers)