BMPS 2023 Grand Finals Day 1 Highlights: Entity On Top

BMPS 2023, or Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series 2023, is a major esports tournament for the popular mobile game Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). It’s a high-stakes event, with a whopping ₹1 crore (approximately $123,000) prize pool up for grabs.

Here’s a quick rundown of BMPS 2023:

  • Format: Online & offline tournament with League Stage and Grand Finals.
  • Dates: December 15th to 17th, 2023.
  • Location: EKA ARENA, Ahmedabad, India.
  • Teams: 16 top teams from the League Stage.
  • Prize Pool: ₹1 crore (approximately $123,000).
  • Live Streams: Loco (exclusive 5-minute headstart), YouTube

If you’re a BGMI enthusiast, you won’t want to miss the BMPS 2023 Grand Finals! You can catch all the action live on Loco, where you can even get a 5-minute headstart on the stream if you become a VIP.

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BMPS 2023 Finalists Teams

RankTeamTotal PointsEliminations
1Team Insane328116
2Blind Esports289105
3Autobotz Esports22789
4Genxfm Esports22194
6Team Xspark20978
7Revenant Esports20375
8Gladiators Esports19874
9Hyderabad Dynamos Esports19568
10Hydra Official19473
118bit x CS Esports19372
13Numen Gaming18869
14Team Together Esports18768
15Growing Strong18667
16GodLike Esports18566

BMPS Day 1 Highlights Matchwise

Match 1- Erangle

In this match, players started slow as it was the first match of the tournament and every team wanted to read each other rotation. Initially, there were no fights but as the game progressed, it was complete chaos. 8bit x CS Esports gets the chicken dinner but Team BlindEsports gets the first position because they got more kills and 2nd position. Here are the points table.

Match 1
Match 11

Match 2 – Miramar

This match was little known for every team which means they were very aware of each other so they played cattily and tried to get as many points as they could. Team Gladiators Esports gets the chicken dinner in this match.

Match 2
Match 22

Match 3 – Sanhok

It was also a great match for those teams who had bad positions in the first two matches and they tried their level best. The Glitch X Reborn team gets the chicken dinner in this match.

Match 3
Match 33

Match 4- Vikendi

This match was very important for each team and they tried their level best to reach the top of the table. Team Soul played well in this match even though they didn’t get the chicken dinner. Team Growing Strong gets the chicken dinner as their previous matches was not that good.

Match 4
Match 44

Match 5 – Miramar

Almost every team knows the gameplay of each team. So now they try to get an aggressive playing style and they did well in that. Team Numen gets the chicken dinner in this match. They played well. Here is the position of teams in this match

Match 5
Match 55

Match 6- Erangle

Team Hydra Officials played well in this match as their previous matches were not able to get across the line. It was an important match for them and they came back brilliantly.

Match 6
Match 66

After completing all six matches on Day 1 of BMPS 2023 Here are the final standing of the tournament.

Overall Ranking Of BMPS After Day 1

After the completion of 6 matches of BMPS 2023 here is the points table. It was a great day for ENT, Blind, TX, Glitch, and Team Insane as they secured the top 5 spots respectively. The interesting point is that the Top 3 teams didn’t get the chicken dinner but they are still at the top of the table. This means you need consistency to win tournament like this.

Overall Ranking Page 2
Overall Ranking Page 1

So far it is a great start to the tournament and players have given their all to entertain the crowd. Let’s see what strategy they came up with in the 2 days of the tournament.

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