Blind Esports Crowned Champions of BMPS 2023

Blind Esports lifted the blazing trophy of Battle Ground Mobile India Pro Series 2023(BMPS 2023) after displaying a phenomenal performance throughout the LAN Finale. The superstar squad amassed a total of 249 points in 18 games, and was awarded the winning prize of ₹40 lakh.

MVP Of BMPS 2023

MVP of BMPS 2023 is Blind SPower who Played really well in this tournament.

Here is the finals Day Match Wise Performance

Match – 13

The battle was only between two teams BLind And GDR So in the first match of the day Blind got 19 Points with 9 finishes and 10 position points on the other hand GDR got 6 finish and 1 placement points. The difference was got bigger at the start of the day and it continues almost every matches.

Match- 14

Team Soul Come back as they played really well in this match and got 30 points in a single game. This was the best match for team soul as their other matches was really bad.

Match- 15

The difference between Blind And GDR was big so GDR needs to do something to outrank the opposition with good match. But they failed to do it. Here you can see blind again gets more points than them.

Match- 16

Now the difference was very big as Blind gets chicken dinner in their last match and lead was very high. So GDR needs to do something which was drop clash to eliminate blind early and get the chicken dinner with high kills but blind had different plans they just defended their drop very well and eliminate GDR at 16th position.

Match- 17

This match was very good for GDR but it was too late for them and after this match everyone knows the champion.

Match- 18

Blind Esports is the champion of BMPS 2023. They played brilliantly. Their consistency was extraordinary as you can see in the 18 matches they got 244 points which means 13 points per match. That’s the domination.

It was really great tournament and the Krafton India Organized very big tournament after long time. So it was great experience.