NFL Season 2023: A New Era of Broadcasting Begin

More Options Than Ever

Gone are the days of just a couple of networks. This season, the NFL offers more games across broadcast networks, cable, and digital streaming platforms than ever before.

Pivot to Streaming Service

Wondering why there are so many channels and streaming services to catch NFL action? It's all because the NFL is now television's most valuable product.

Media Industry Transformation

With the media and tech industries facing rapid changes, networks like CBS, ESPN, ABC, and NBC are investing billions in streaming services.

NFL's Role in Pay-TV

The NFL plays a crucial role in keeping pay-TV bundles together as traditional broadcast and cable TV viewership declines.

Streaming Milestone

Last season marked a turning point with three of the five NFL game packages available through streaming services. This season brings even more firsts.

Why the NFL Matter

Football remains a live event with millions of viewers, making it a lucrative advertising platform, especially as non-sports TV viewership drops.

The NFL's Streaming Bet

The NFL itself is making significant strides in streaming, with the NFL Sunday Ticket moving to YouTube TV and other exciting developments in the pipeline.

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