German Soccer Federation Takes Stand Against Racism as U-17 Team Shines in World Cup

In a disturbing turn of events, the German Soccer Federation found itself compelled to limit comments on its junior teams’ Facebook page after a wave of racist and discriminatory remarks targeted the under-17 players.

The catalyst for this unfortunate incident was a celebratory post showcasing a picture of four black players from the Germany U17 team after their triumphant three-two victory over the United States in the round of 16 at the U-17 World Cup in Indonesia.

Racist Backlash

The joyous moment they have turned sour as Facebook users flooded the comments section with racist comments directed at players Charles Herman and newcomer Paris Vrana.

Despite support from fans of Borussia Dortmund and Faysal Zenui Cologne, the Federation had to take a decisive step by turning off comments and issuing a stern statement. They affirmed their pride in the diversity of the U-17 team and emphasized that the commitment to diversity, tolerance, and respect is ingrained in the Federation’s principles.

Federation’s Response

In response to the disturbing comments, the German Soccer Federation declared that those who do not share their values of tolerance and respect should unfollow the page.

They made it clear that discriminatory and racist remarks have no place in their online community and pledged to take legal action against offensive content. It was a firm stance against the rising tide of online racism that has been plaguing various platforms.

U-17 Team’s Triumphs

Despite the unpleasant incident, the Germany U-17 team performed exceptionally on the field. Having won all their games in the World Cup so far, they are now gearing up to face Spain in the quarterfinals on Friday.

Charles Herman, who was named the player of the match against the US, emphasized the team’s unity as a key factor in their success. He described the team as a real family, highlighting their unwavering support for each other and their collective belief in themselves.

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Call for Unity and Support

The incident sheds light on the persistent issue of racism in sports and the urgent need for collective efforts to combat it. It serves as a reminder that athletes, regardless of their background, deserve to compete in an environment free from discrimination. The call for unity and support extends beyond the U-17 team to the broader sports community.

The incident has sparked discussions about the responsibility of social media platforms and sports organizations to create a safe and inclusive online space for fans and players alike.

Moving Forward

As the German Soccer Federation takes a stand against racism, there is hope this incident will catalyze positive change. The commitment to diversity and intolerance of discrimination signals a shift toward a more inclusive sports culture.

It is a testament to the fact that sports can be a powerful force for unity, breaking down barriers and fostering understanding. As the U-17 team faces Spain in the quarterfinals, their performance becomes a pursuit of victory on the field and a symbol of resilience against the divisive forces that seek to tarnish the game’s beauty.


As the German U-17 team continues to shine on the global stage, it is disheartening to see the shadow of racism cast over their achievements. The German Soccer Federation’s swift response to the discriminatory comments reflects its commitment to promoting diversity, tolerance, and respect.

In the face of adversity, the U-17 team stands united, exemplifying the values the Federation holds dear. As they face Spain in the quarterfinals, they hope their success on the field will inspire positive change and contribute to the ongoing fight against racism in sports.