BGMI Rising Grand Finals Concluded Team Rebel Emerges As Champions

The 32 teams were split up into four groups of eight teams, and in each group, four games were played. 

The top 16 teams of the BGMI: Rising Launch Party tournaments have qualified for the Finals after the intense semi-final bouts. 

It was very intense at the end matches where the gap was very low in between top 5 teams but in the end Team Rebel Won this tournament by 5 point margin from Team Jonathan. By the both represents same organization which is Godlike Esports. 

BGMI: Rising Grand Finals Rankings

  1. Team Rebel
  2. Team Jonathan
  3. Team Owais
  4. Team Kind Anbru
  5. Team RipFlickYt

Grand Final Result

Top 16 teams

Match 1

Team Owais get the winner chicken dinner with 17 finishes. They had first fight with Team Jonathan and finish them successfully to boost their confidence. After they just kept going and gets the chicken dinner.

Match 2

Team Owais gets back to back chicken dinner with 9 finishes. In this Match a God gameplay by Maxcash Alone survivor when 5-6 teams were alive. From that point he secured the 1st position in that match.

Match 3

Team KingAnbru get the chichen dinner in that pan fight match. It was a fun game to was the still points were important and KingAnbru gets the chicken with 2 finishes. Team Jonathan secured 2nd position in this match so it’s back to back 2nd position for Team Jonathan.

Match 4

Team ShadowOG gets the chicken dinner in this Miramar Map with 10 finishes. They played brilliantly in this match. The points table becomes very open for each and every team.

Match 5

It was a pan fight match and Team Jonathan get the winner winner chicken dinner with 4 finishes. Interesting thing was 3 points came at the end moment. So it was really crucial chicken for Team Jonathan because they have 2 back to back 2nd position in previous matches. Now we came to down the wire.

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Match 6

Team Shadow gets the chicken with 12 finishes. They played brilliantly as then needed these points to stay in the contention.

Match 7

Team Rebel gets the chicken with 11 finishes and interesting thing was Captain gets 7 finishes alone in that match. The final nail in the coffeene. And they are the Champions of BGMI Rising 2023.

So that’s all from the 2023 BGMI Rising Grand Finals Tournament. Stay tuned for more upcoming Tournaments.